Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Everything web wise is buzzing or bleeping, dropping me, keeping me from.  Ti's the Season to lose reason, spin and twirl around.  I'm losing ground.  What was fun has turned to torture, to try and try again, or try it later. The bug's the devil, the hidden cause.  Though I know I'm not alone here, cold comfort
doesn't warm my heart.
In my mind a running 'do list'.  On the screen dissembling apps.  Picasa slammed my door on downloads. Face book blocked interactive ability. G-mail won't update my browser.  Friends say "U nd a nw machine and upgrde in yr service".  Alas, not in the budget.  I need my own pro-bono geek.  Though
I know I'm not alone here, cold comfort
 doesn't warm my heart. 

Verizon 'fixed' me recently.  Folks can call me now, however
*69 has vanished, despite the fact I pay. Was it the storm, or is it Murphy wielding that law again?  What matters to the corporation?  What matters to the World Wide Web?  Within my skin I surely matter.  Outside the beat goes on without me.  Though I know I'm not alone here, cold comfort
doesn't warm my heart.

At the table in my front room, a pen and pad, blank cards, and stamps await my hand.  The cocoa's brewed,  Heat is hissing up through ancient pipes.  Ti's the season. and pure reason isn't part of snail-mail connectivity.  The day is soon arriving when  even this will disappear.  A word, a gift to someone somewhere
will warm my heart tonight.

My photos previously published on this blog.  I'm mining the past while the future is frozen.

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Judy Martin said...

This is a lovely poem.
It connected with me -

Funny how important internet has become - a lifeline in a way to a world out there. To new friends and to knowledge, to seeing your own words and images saved and shared.

Best wishes for this busy season, Michelle