Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This wasn't on my list--losing sight--despite the fact
I've worn glasses since I was seven.  It never occurred to me until quite recently.  I mean occurred to me as a factor that would impact my living in ways more inconvenient than having to wear glasses.  Now, however, no glass corrects my dimming sight.
The blur of things greets me in the morning,
limits my ability to do things, find things, and read.
Perhaps this slurring is a gift. 
Sometimes it's best not to see so clearly.
Shifting focus from outward to inward,
I'm surprised to find that all is not lost.
 Love is still the answer.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Michelle...what! is happening
with your eyes????? are you
indicating that this is some
permanent situation????????
i am upset reading this...Please

Ms. said...

Nothing so new sweetie--same ol'. same ol' thing...and I will see what can be done for them in 2013 when/if the health care issue finally gets solved by our reluctant government (I depend on medicare with a medicaid supplement) screws it's head on and settles the endless debate. But I'm only ruminating here, not mourning, not stumbling around...the post is titled INSIGHT--about diminishing factors-changes-aging and coming to terms with that, remembering that vision is internal as well as external. Nothing to worry about

Ms. said...

Listen to the musis at "Shadows and Light...it will clarify the metaphor.

deanna7trees said...

hope it's just cataracts which has an easy remedy.

Velma Bolyard said...

michele, came over to visit...and this is beautiful but bittersweet. may health care do right by you. please.