Wednesday, February 27, 2013


A  blue jay calls out into the wet, gray morning.
Sirens and church bells vie for airspace.
One wilted pigeon sits watching on the fire escape.
The temperature has dropped as I shrug off night for day.
Last night at the ancient National Arts Club 
 An annual art opening in the basement Gallery was sponsored by the Neighborhood Association, where,
 over two hours, four hundred came and went, mulled about,
mostly unable to see the art for the people.
We are all there for the free booze and food spread,
and to gawk at one another,
catch a buyer or collector,
  show up, and show face,
exchange gossip
around the edges of the pool table,
or in the long hallway
where one of the three couches resides
I was there to honor Lorelei Arts, who does whimsical animal portraits and caricatures, amongst many other works.  We've been friends and neighbors since meeting at The School of Visual Arts decades ago.
There were some eye-catching pieces amongst the eighty four hangings.
To see the show really, one returns on an afternoon.  I will look again later.  Just before leaving I went upstairs, where, in another Gallery a one man show is on exhibit.
The crowd there had thinned enough to get a few shots.
 I like these
 sculptured pieces.
 The drawings are numerous and beautifully executed.
Another reason to return, perhaps today after lunch.
Meanwhile if you care to look:
National Arts Club History


deanna7trees said...

it's nice that you are so close to all these wonderful art exhibits.

Nancy said...

Such a treat to go off exploring in your city!

Velma Bolyard said...

it's always interesting, in every sense, to observe the art experience!