Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I maintain one email and two blogs,
follow twenty, and recently joined face book.
Email seems still the most personal of digital communication, the blogs next, and face book the most removed from one on one.  I'm not saying it's not useful, but I don't have an I-Phone, or I-Pad, so when I check in from my old desk top, with my slow cable connection, once or twice a day, I can hardly read all that's been laid out there--and I've only got 14 "friends" on Face book, and 47 "followers" on the blogs.  Some folks blog daily, and post nonstop through their day.  Throw twitters and tweets into the mix, plus news feeds,  and it's like that blinding snowstorm where you can no longer distinguish individual flakes, nor see your hand in front of your face.  The variety of information posted, and the attention involved in reading them all is an astounding challenge.  The type size on Face book, for example, is simply beyond my ability.  These old eyes just won't focus.  How I miss the long cabin-fever letters far-flung friends used to write. With post office closings and hours cut backs, it seems as though the idea of personal communication is the dinosaur in the corner of the digital revolution.  Nonetheless, I'm glad to be here now and then.  I accept that my access is limited to what I can afford and manage, that I'll miss 80 percent of what's posted, and that I am a human sort of dinosaur on the road to extinction--but for now,
I'm headed North for a week of just being.
Perhaps I'll write a letter or two.


Deb said...

mama said "gotta write 'em to get 'em"

Peggy said...

Michelle, have a great week. Nice to do a cyber-fast now and then. I'm limited now, too, computer on the blink....xx

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Mychelle, my kids hooked me up on facebook so i could see my granddaughter's pics of her baby boy. the one time i commented, with what i thought was something thoughtful, my daughter chastised me for it being "too MUCH" for facebook. so that was the end of that. facebook reminds me of communications with someone you really don't want to talk to, really, but do. like a husband you are wondering why you married and considering changing him out for someone who writes poetry.
Have a GREAT time away and hurry back...love,

Anonymous said...

i mostly hate fb, but can't quite let it go.

enjoy Massachusetts! We still have quite a bit of snow.

Nancy said...

Hope you are enjoying your time away! I use FB to communicate with friends & family & look at inspiring images and such. But, I totally agree that sometimes all of it is too much!

Judy Martin said...

I enjoyed this post about our digital whirlwind.

Well said.

I know that you are back from your trip away, and this is a late response, but that is the good thing about blogs. They are a slow thing in the whirl wind that does seem to connect us to new friends.

I'm glad that we are friends through this communication.