Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LOCAL SCENES (Cleo and Iris)

 Here's Cleo Of Gramercy! 
Along with Cleo of Park Avenue, Trump Place, and White Plains, NY, this is the fourth
The Spa on the corner is creepy.
Like a scene from a bad science fiction flick: at night, just unattended chairs and flashing lights.  The wall is padded and tufted vinyl. If you're 'up against' it, no one will hear you scream.  Wrap around glass lets the world observe you while
whatever process you paid a lot for, is performed.
Mani/Pedicure?--Waxing?--Facial?--A new Do?
A brand New You!
Click on the snail in the middle for detail views.  
The artist is sponsored by the Korean owner.

Whose dream is this?!
Not mine. I liked the family-owned florist shop that got swept away in the changes making-over everything in this City, refitting it all to suit a different generation with different priorities.

"Move over, or move out,
you poor ol' used-to-be."
Watch this 20 second video I made with my Canon
Across the street, twenty steps away, Iris, another Korean owned salon, offers Mani-Pedi and Massage.
Everything changes.  That's a certainty.
Soon enough they'll both be within the flood zone,
just like me.



MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Michelle. I see why the fishbowl thing is disturbing. Reminds me of the "Panopticon" of the late 19th century where the walls were in glass and everyone could be seen. Definitions of privacy are changing and I'm not certain it's for the better because it touches personal liberties. I don't quite understand why people don't see that.
best, nadia

Mo Crow said...

oh gotta love how we are living in the future more and more each day... we've gone deeper into the dreaming of William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition", 2001:A Space Odyssey is 12 years ago now (our tiny phones are talking to us rather than the big mainframe) the endless rains of Bladerunner are on the cards & then there's my favourite "the Cloud Sculptors of Coral D" a lovely little story of ennui in a collection of shorts stories called Vermillion Sands J.G. Ballard I do love a good story and you tell it well Michelle!