Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I haven't got a talk back function here.
I post, and then I have to go back and look days later to see if there are comments.
I know I could put a monitoring thing on, then I'd get a notice that I had comments to approve or disapprove.  But you would have to labor through 'captcha' codes, and since there has been no trouble with my comments for ages, it just seemed friendlier to let whatever flows flow.
I do, however, forget to look back in the tumble of days and nights sometimes,
especially if I'm ill, as I have been lately, or away,
as I will be next week.
 Forgive me.
I care about what you say--love the poems and sharing of thoughts related to each post, and treasure most, the palpable presence you add to my life on line.  You are such thoughtful, creative, and intelligent companions!  Thanks so much for
each specific 'you'
the known and unknown 'followers'
and each, and every contribution.


deanna7trees said...

FYI....i have monitoring on my blog with no 'captcha'. i get the message in my e-mail and just click 'publish' or 'delete'. i do get lots of 'Anonymous' spam that i just delete but it's easy enough to do that. hope you are feeling back to normal.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

however it goes, or doesn't, it
doesn't matter.
the love goes back and forth.
it comes to me clear and good.

Kim Andersen said...

I purposely unplug myself for days at a time - I hope you feel better soon though

Suzanna said...

Yes,feel better soon...we love you too!

Nancy said... sweet of you to post this. Hope a couple days later now, that you are better. I am with Deanna on the comments, that's how I do mine too :)