Friday, February 22, 2013


One of the Orange Armada
keeping watch.
 Amelia loves her blankie.
 Beautiful Baker the elder.
 Baby Burt son of Burt
Baker likes naps.
 Charlie likes couches.
Whisky likes the swivel effect.
Betsy and Mona love each other,
privacy, and bathrobes.
 Rhodo loves sunlight
 Charlie likes chairs too.
Mona, Sassy and Rhodo-
an afternoon gathering.
Sending you the cat's kiss.
Other cats were unavailable for this photo-op,
so ever-willing Gus rose to the occasion.


Valerianna said...

My goodness, that's a house full of critters! Is that your friends' house in Mass, piled to the rooftops with cats? What fun! ( for me, anyway, who loves cats)

Got the fabric, I can see how it reminded you of us... in gray and silver and earthy, I guess.

Ms. said...

My friends have land. Over the years many cats have sought, and received refuge there, and vet care, including neutering. Some have been adopted out, and many have gone the way of all flesh. The morning chores are feeding and cleaning boxes. There are Upstairs and downstairs cats, and these dear generous homemakers provide in the most responsible and loving ways for the lucky foundlings and friends like me who are fortunate enough to have their friendship. Gus is a visitor and does not live there.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

when i look at the cats, i was
reminded of the Dr. Suess...
Too Many Daves.
i would feel like Gus might....
kinda What If ie.

Ms. said...

Imagine how Gus might feel in the goat pens!

Mo Crow said...

oh what a gorgeous gathering!