Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Found this drawing in an old notebook
March 2011
I was working on Jude's Feather Project
 The ink on the back side bleeds through:
"Poem to Jude-Fairie Tales & Harvard Tales-Day Disappeared"
Two years later--I have no idea what that Poem or Harvard Tales were!

Back To Basics
At home here, reading and following the white threads
back to simple sewing techniques, and stitches I'd forgotten. 
Just sticking to white as the base for work, and small pieces to start.
Being at-home with what I'm doing with this what-Ifing.
One Napkin 
Ignoring the border
Cut and tear till I've got little squares.
One bit of cloth from Jude
Cut and tear.
I Note
Only a very little bit of white  floss?!
A trip with cash is in order.
Has to wait for the cash of April.
 Good thing I looked!
I can still glue-stitch a few squares.

 After Lunch out to chores-Back in to more chores.
After Supper-A walk and a giant white full moon!

Vanilla Ice Cream
While reading blogs
Answering emails


Minka said...

If you're out of white floss, don't forget off white

deanna7trees said...

nice to see that you are sewing. i remember so well those playground sounds.

Nancy said...

Oh Ms Michelle!! wow wow hear you brings a smile and almost tear! Loved the video of your world and all your I'm craving ice cream! ;)
And the Lennon song...I just told my guy this past weekend while listening to that on the car radio that it is the theme song to my life! So tired!!
Big hugs to you tonight :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

these short video glimpses of
your world are wonderful
thank you

saskia said...

great video, what a surprise to hear your voice, I could not have imagined