Monday, March 18, 2013


A friend sent the following:
Its motto--"Courage and strength in times of danger."
Its stone--"Bloodstone"
Its tree--"Juniper"
I sent her this in reply:
As sap rises within the Juniper when season calls,
so blood will quicken every being. Surely, what falls
will climb again from Winter-weathered wasteland,
courage incarnate, to dance the stately Sarabande.

for two female dancers 

Photos are screen shots from the video
If you scroll swiftly they sort of animate :-)



Peggy said...

I like your reply, Michelle -- lovely how you put the associations together into verse. I was entranced by the video, too, how their arm movements mirrored each other.

Ms. said...

I'm posting for my friend:

"I tried to post a comment but did not succeed. I love your verse, especially the link of courage to dance and to life. The poem stands alone. It does not need the images, but the images beautifully express the feeling in the poem. I am sending you mine in a separate email. luv A."