Sunday, March 31, 2013



Electronic bells from the Catholic church around the corner announce Christ has risen again, risen for the Lutherans up the block as well, and for the Episcopal congregation over on Park Avenue.  Jews, who have two temples in my vicinity, are waiting for the angel of death to complete passing over them on Tuesday, while Orthodox Greek Christians in their tiny, exquisite house of worship a few blocks south, have an ordinary service since they celebrate Easter in May.
 As to the golden-domed Mosque uptown, I have no knowledge, sad to say. 

I'm a Gardener
My worship is performed year round according to the bible of Seasons,
and I don't do parades as I used to, having grown averse to crowds,  
even those displaying Easter Bonnets. 

Celebrate Rebirth With


Eric Norris said...

This is wonderful. Ecumenical, large as the heart should be. As it might be, if we only took the time to listen carefully. Thank you so much for this. For quietly reminding us what is possible--renewal: through art, though poetry, and through music--music like the best of Bach.

yvette said...

in essencence we all want the same don'nt we?