Thursday, March 7, 2013


The Crack
Called the rental office, then left a note for "Elvis"
On the 4th he looked, and arranged an appointment
I'm Prepared after a days labors
 Very prepared
Not on time but timely enough
After three phone calls
The super got started near noon
Three hours later
Wet plaster is setting
It was hugely messy
This is the second wash water
Two hours of cleanup for me
Plaster dust is so fine it travels everywhere
Clean enough for today
Then soak clothes, and a hot bath for my aching muscles, plus a neti-wash for the sinuses. got to the store for water, soy milk, and greens just before the storm whipped in with wind and chill
Warmed leftovers for supper
Quinoa and red rice with kale, walnuts and apples
Discovered the pipe under the sink leaks
Tomorrow is another day.  Tomorrow there may be inspiration.



grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your hallway. i had a hallway
like that in Detroit. it seems
so like another person, really,
like i was someone i knew.
maybe so.

Ms. said...

Hmm--not another person, but I get it. I've been an evolution myself morphing from one thing to the next and still going, My hallway, with rugs returned, and all the paintings from artist friends is warm and welcoming. They will return as soon as the painting gets done, next week I hope. The Superintendent is incammunicado (his defense).

Nancy said...

Oh my muscles ache for you! What a mess...or a jump start on deep spring cleaning!