Friday, March 22, 2013


The color the human eye sees when  it looks at light
which contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum.
with Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth
Thinking about white, my first list contained: white light, snowdrop (flowers), snow capped mountains, clouds, Ibis, crane, porcelain, blank page, new, white goat, milk, silk scarf, blessing, sacred, the Taj-Mahal, the great salt lake, Greece, polar bear, iceberg, shamrock flower, doves, white rabbit, sea shell, marble, new moon, foam on a waves crest, crescent at the base of finger and toenails, lies, coconut meat, confectionery sugar, stars, 
"The White Album"
(complete album) 
Materials On Hand
Linen Napkin 
Cotton Doily Lace
Cotton Bath Curtain
The Same
Back Lit
Cotton-Nylon Curtain 
Front Lit
Old Linen Table-Cloth
Potential  Base 
Seeing Through It
 A Tiny Detail
 Another Tiny Detail
 A Worn out Part
Under Fluorescent Light
White Cotton Sheeting
Shiny Coat Lining
May be Moire
(Thanks Deanna)  
A Blank Digital Page
Cotton Fur
Trees In Bud
Shot at night with a flash, they almost look white against the dark sky. 
Perhaps I'll think about Spring now.


deanna7trees said...

lots of white. that unknown material looks like moire.

deanna7trees said...

more on moire fabric.

jude said...

White- iffing, nice....

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i love your list Michelle. i wrote them down on an index card labled MeShell's whiteiffing.
and put it in the little wooden index card box in the March category.
and yes. i see white goat. your white goat is ever present in my mind.
i love also thinking of you taking these pics while you are Ifing. i always love watching you in your home, in your environment there in that far away city.
so...i thank you...and love you

Nancy said...

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle...what a wonderful post this is! I love it :)
You reminded me of an old white shower curtain I have, somewhere!

Anonymous said...

the mood and ambiance here is always so rich...

Peggy said...

White-ifing, I like that. This is magic. I would love to dream about these images! xo