Thursday, April 4, 2013


Neem Karoli Baba
Last night I saw Jeremy Frindel's film in preview.
The general release will be in May
The Story of Krishna Das
I stayed for the two shows because it is a wonderful film,
a beautiful story, and one, I think any one can relate to.
I've been chanting with KD since the early nineties when I was going 
through some life changing hard times.  It's been quite a journey to here.
He is even more moving now than then--melded with his practice.
Starting as a kind of lost guy, bhakti (devotion) has ripened him,
In those early days we were sometimes four to twenty folks chanting.
Hundreds of thousands worldwide have now been touched.
How does that happen?  He doesn't know.
Some things are unexplainable.
They can only be experienced.

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saskia said...

I am at this moment listening to Maha Mrityeonjaya Mantra on a CD by a Dutch man, who's name is not on the CD cover; I ordered this CD several years ago, all I had was a phone number, given to me by a friend who had done the same thing; you leave a message on the chanter's voicemail and a few days later the CD arrives; the voice is deep, the sound is reverberating in waves in my studio