Monday, April 1, 2013


"Oh, What Fools We Mortals Be."
William Shakespeare

Anything For A Laugh
Just one of the funniest women in the world,
and a bit about how she got that way.

Not A Prank-A Scene

Not a falling-down funny scene, though there are some,
I just think everyone should see the movie, because
It's simply brilliant through and through.
Available on Video

The Jupiter Effect-A Classic Prank
from The Writers Almanac today
"One famous April Fools' Day hoax was the so-called "Jupiter Effect" of 1976.  During an interview on BBC Radio 2, British astronomer Patrick Moore announced that a very rare planetary event was about to take place—that Jupiter and Pluto would soon align in relation to Earth, and their combined gravitational pull would momentarily override Earth's own gravity and make people weigh less. He called it the Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect, and said that if people jumped in the air at exactly 9:47 a.m., they would experience a floating sensation.  Moore signaled, "Jump now!" over the airwaves, and within minutes the BBC switchboard was flooded with calls from people who claimed it had worked!"

'Teddy' Tried It
Got downff the sill...
Jumped pretty high from a chair. but, alas!
He decided to have a little nap.
He's a very adaptable creature, and a lesson to us all. 

Real Gone
by Ms.

Gone right round
that bend.

Gone to the end
of this curve.

Lost my verve
for slow dancing.

Gone romancing
an illusive stone.

Away from the phone,
out stealing star shine.

Counting what's mine,
seeking an ending, I'm

following a river bending
to the see in me

Reviewing Comedy Tapes
Stealing jokes for our new stand-up routine,
wherein I'm an ancient 'Goldilocks',
and he's the only bear left in the woods.

May your April Fools day prove that a bit of foolery is a
perfect antidote to the multiple malefactions of Civilization.


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