Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Outline
What I planned to post about Monday night
accompanied by photographs and a short video
  1. A hand-made gift from a Yogi friend
  2. Toxic fumes--and--A new plumbing problem
  3. There aught to be a law
  4. A gift from Deanna  for the What-if Project
  5. Interpreting advertising messages
  6. Reading out loud with others
  7.  Looking up from concrete canyons
  8. Town Hall's Allison Balsom with The Scottish Ensemble
  9. Gold In the streets
  10. Outdated computer programs
  11. "Spirit Matter" evolving

Tragedy Interceded
Suddenly the list seemed trivial--irrelevant.  Of course, it's not entirely.
All of it is about carrying on with living, staying grounded where I'm actually standing.
not in Boston, but here, where, just as on 9.11.01, the vibration has shifted.
Police are once again every where, faces even tenser than usual on a Monday,
a tax deadline day, and the wind has gone silent as it did then.
Gold prices fell sharply as those who had horded,
liquidated their assets for emergency access.
We are at code-orange.
Eyewitness account from a stunned Boston Globe reporter
I'll be back to fill in the list another day,  Meanwhile, I'll end with
Allison Balsom doing a bit of Purcell and Handel for the sake of



Deb said...

I had to work the job, listening to petty complaints over the phone. A man called to complain to me that he had to sit next to a woman on a plane who wore too much perfume. When he was finished I was silent for a moment and so was he. I said "Really?" and hung up on him. It remains to be seen if I will be fired.

MulticoloredPieces said...

A horrendous tragedy. Evil is afoot.

deanna7trees said...

wondered if you received the package. glad to see you did. tension causes creativity of a different sort. thinking peaceful thoughts.