Wednesday, May 8, 2013


May 4th 2013
Art is Everywhere

Follow the Arrows
Beautiful up here with
many old well tended trees
The Museum of Natural History
Chatted with some Scottish tourists, and one guard I've talked with before, then walked around taking a few shots:

Gorilla diorama
 Elephant sculpture

Interesting moment when a lone butterfly escaped the live exhibit and headed for the light of floor to ceiling plate glass where the out of doors looks like this
guards with butterfly nets in hot pursuit, amazed visitors spinning around as it flew by, and me telling the children "don't touch...don't touch, you'll brush the dust off her wings" was comical, and just a little sad.  I was hoping someone would show her the exit and open a door wide.  Their lives are so short, they ought to be free.
Then out to the 
Columbus Avenue Craft Fair
Indigo hankie
Time to head home
Slow bus downtown

A few of these on some greens for supper 

Then off to Guild Hall at The Church of the Transfiguration, also known as the Little Church around the corner,
and the Actors Church
for a live radio broadcast re-enactment of
Mystery Theater
"Richard Diamond, The Singing Detective"
"The Shadow!"


Three hours in the church garden
Two hours with my writing group
Four hours writing
One hour of yoga
Three hours for monthly food shopping


deanna7trees said...

oh that Museum...spent so many hours there. thanks for the memories.

Mo Crow said...

I first visited the The Museum of Natural History when I was 10 years old, an incredible place full of such wonders but especially the ginormousness of those old dinosaur bones, thank you!