Monday, August 19, 2013


August 12th through 18th

What did you do with your Summer?
I practiced the art of no plan, of just a starting notion each day, of roll with the weather, the punches, whatever.

Endless lists end up in the trash.
Summer flees, and I seem to have fallen right through it.

 Like blackened berries that succumb to frost,
I see Winter in my eyes when I pass a mirror.
 Had I realized that this was merely a different sort of Summer,
it might have made sense.  I might have just relaxed into it.
But, all the time I was resisting.
Fall's approach is actually a great relief.

Session two with a wonderful teacher.
We learn patterns, and to move as a group.
There are several films, and a wealth of on-line information about Isadora Duncan


Playing with cloth color combination at Jude's
Spirit Cloth

This gift suddenly seems relevant
Beautiful woven bees
I see two nine patches
if I can bear to cut them out

Evening visit to a poetry reading uptown
featuring the one and only, always delightful
Evie Ivey

The subway stop has two mosaic tile eyes.
Here's one.
A visit to my wise-woman-councilor set me a block away from Central Park.  I wandered happily for several hours.
Bark of the tree where I rested
sitting on its root

Root Meditation

Wind Meditation


An anonymous person phoned the Environmental Protection Agency, who sent an inspector to warn the Monsignor that a significant fine would be levied if we were caught watering during the hours of 11AM and 7PM seven days a week.  I was in the habit of turning on the underground system at 5, then going off to my other activities, and turning it off at 9.

Bind Weed

Despite my twenty years of care taking labors there, despite my love for the garden, I am considering withdrawing from it.  This Monsignor has been less than cordial many times since he took over three years ago.  I am not the only one who has suffered.
There's a bunch of us.
This season, he has been witholding money for plants
save the once a year tulip planting.
What happened, I wonder, to the garden budget?

Berries ripen if facing the sun
But stay green in the shade

I have felt less and less appreciated, more and more
 frustrated, and the garden shows it.

Waiting for the film to start


This link will take you off the page to
"Hannah Arendt"


Saving hollyhocks for the future

Begins with preparation to complete this post, continues with house cleaning, hand laundry, and discarding spoiled food, and ends with a delicious Korean supper from a kind friend.

Day number 29 of no cooking gas,
discarding a whole lot of spoiled food,
still waiting for Con Edison to reconnect!
Let me not neglect to mention that major
demolition and reconstruction in the apartment
below me has been non-stop, assaulting, has shaken my walls and floors daily, and thoroughly shriveled any peace of place.  They're turning it into a three bedroom dorm, and that will be another kettle of woe.  I pray I'm traveling before the painting and floor shellacing fumes rise.

I'm exhausted!


Anonymous said...

With jackhammering coming at me from all sides, as well as the usual 9-10 yard crews a week, tree crews, and construction (two places within spitting distance), I can emphasize with the noise issue!!

last night at dinner, discussion turned to whether we have a right to expect privacy in public places -- your videos are a reminder that we don't... but they are fun, to see a glimpse of your world!

Anonymous said...


Ms. said...

Thank you for empathizing. Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream....

deanna7trees said...

it's more like what did the Summer do with me? lots of days much too hot to be outdoors but each day mostly without a plan and productive. the only lists i make are for the groceries and such. they are listed as i think of them and always are put in my pants pocket when i leave the house. so looking forward to cooler days. we too are on water restriction and there are heavy fines for not complying which i think is reasonable considering the lake levels these days. wishing quieter days for you.

Peggy said...

I'm sorry about the garden and your feeling unappreciated. Hoping things shift around that. I like your short clips, especially the theater. I love the feeling of waiting for the movie to start, listening to bits of conversations, hearing the sounds of eating and rustling paper. I'm in a trance by the time it starts. Only at indie theaters though. xoxo

Mo Crow said...

Enjoyed spending some time with you in Central Park under your tree but gosh still no gas for cooking, I hope your friends have been making you some home cooked meals!

jude said...

I'm exhausted too, just knowing. and there Was something about this summer. maybe for us older than 25ers.

Nancy said...

Oh Michelle...oooh...
My heart goes out to you and wishing a place to find some peace and calm.
Our difficult neighbor continues to be so, but nothing in comparison to what you've been dealing with.
Sending big hugs your way.