Sunday, October 6, 2013

2002 and 2013

'Idea Incarnations' 2002-from the Postcard Series

What goes around comes around:
All the dates line up perfectly with the days on both calendars:
On the left-2002-Neem Karoli 'Baba'
On the right-2013-'Rescued'
from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Days evaporate like rain water.
Most sink, some rise up into the ether.
Clouds drift, changing shape with each random wind.
You trod on shifting ground from here to there.
What's tangible and material today,
becomes a pulsing wave tomorrow.
Everything that ever was, still is.
Nothing that ever existed is lost.


jude said...

all i can say is. exactly.

Mo Crow said...

love the drawing Michelle!

yvette said...

the poem
it hits me
can i share?
i love love love it