Tuesday, October 29, 2013


from heaven on earth tonight
When I logged on here,
I found that Google had
1.Connected all my accounts:
  You tube, Face book, Blogger, and email, which is inconvenient for me since when I sign out of one, I sign out of all, and, I prefer operating one site at a time, but....too bad for me.

2. My Firefox browser:
Is no longer supported by G-mail!  I must choose a new browser, like Google-chrome that so many report problems with, and which does not have as good a protective fire-wall as Firefox.  i tried uploading the newest version of Firefox but was informed my system does not support it at all.  A neighbor whose computer is only two years old was told the same thing.

3. I cannot access my email!
I labored through their various instructions, including help forums, for at least forty minutes...rough on the blurry eyes, and on the exhausted nerves.  No email anywhere.  I checked email from up country just yesterday and left some things to read today...but...I can not.  I admit to being tech deficient...but this is ridiculous, intrusive, annoying and....well, it is what it is.

Back to heaven:
 Now, to bed....
to dream of returning...

More from heaven in days to come...


deanna7trees said...

welcome back. sorry you came home to tech problems. maybe time will correct them.

Mo Crow said...

what beautiful autumn colour & x fingers the "confuser" settles down soon!

Peggy said...

Wow, that was a gorgeous drive!

I had to change to Chrome a while back and haven't had any problems, everything works now that didn't before. I can still open Explorer if I want to, but rarely do. Good luck and welcome home.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes. you are BACK. ok.
and typepad is being icky too.
maybe it's just the time of year...
a trick, not treat?