Friday, October 11, 2013


In a dusty box up in the dust of ages loft,
in it's unkempt, but well organized room of constant chaos and continual ordering of stuff, I found forgotten things.  The best part was the date of the yellowed shredding newspapers they were wrapped in telling me just how long ago they were put there.
August 27th 1980
 Here's what I rediscovered:

 Four of these desert sized plates
 the pattern
   the crest 

Only one of this platter of a similar pattern
by the same maker  
 With this pretty detail
 and this crest

Five of these large shallow bowls
 with this designation
 And, why were they set aside like that I wonder, but have no answer.   In yet another dusty box nearby,
 fifteen or so t-shirts in perfect condition advertising history.  I have no memory of the Equal Rights Amendment, or what it felt like to get worked up over something...
 Do You?
Actually, I lied--I remember it very well.  None the less, I've started another thrift shop basket.
Little by little I'll keep on until there's a whole lot less to keep.

I'm still looking for the 1950's material, and the box of t-shirts that represent the push to end nuclear arms from that time when I spent months with 2000 women gathered at an upstate farm.  They're in there somewhere.

Wish I could do a yard sale-We used to have stoop sales in this neighborhood
once upon a time

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