Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Laundry Ready
for the trip down three flights
one bag at a time
 While Sorting that out,
I unearthed this wonderful shopping bag,
the gift of a dear friend.
I'd thought it lost
 Focusing on a Far Corner
I hatched a playful plan to place the grinning straw man below in the branch of a local tree on all hallows eve (leaving it there for whoever chooses to take it away).  The little leprechaun  will have to wait his turn to recycle until March of 2014
 That Kicking Chili
 I made with the vegetables featured om my last post will serve for supper, with greens, grains, and a bit of goat cheese (unfortunately not Grace's good cheese),
but, it will suffice
 The Postcard Series
got a rediscovering session earlier today.  There are about fifty simple drawings that were produced over several years as a diary...all are five x seven, in ink, color pencil, and water color.  On the flip side is a postcard.  Yesterdays post featured one.
 This one done in Westfield, MA. a 2004 interior of a window with antique painted metal sheep affixed above it.  It includes my signature tiny Buddha
 This a selection of three flowers in bloom at that time,
also done in Westfield, MA
 This, a 'quaking' aspen, done while on retreat
9000 feet above sea level in Utah,
August 2001
Progress Made
on the red 'brother' chain.  One side is finished, and the medal strung in
I'd thought to string some of these Venetian glass beads in places where there are knots,
but the string wouldn't fit through the tiny hole,
even when I broke up one strand
into four threads

Tomorrow is another day

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Mo Crow said...

Hi Michelle, I am lucky enough to have one of your drawings!
Maybe you could sew the beads into the string with a strong red thread?