Friday, November 8, 2013

I WOULD LIKE TO... your attention to my other blog:
"Somewhere Sometime"
It's usually just large photographs of something that interests me, with spare commentary, and the occasional video.

One Example

May I invite you to join me over there as well?
You will find a direct link to it here in the far left column.  just scroll down to 'followers' and click to sign on.

I'd also like to show you the finished 'sister-brother' pendant I'll mail to the friend I call 'Archangel'
It's inspired by the Indian tradition of siblings exchanging string remembrances
The knots and extra threads stand as particular markers in the relationship 
 including good wishes tied on
The pendent was a thrift find.  I don't know what the numbers mean but the inscription reads:
"Courage to begin-Strength to endure-Resolve to finish"

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yvette said...

really love your pendant...must remember the knots