Monday, November 25, 2013


First wake up was before dawn.
I did a few things, then slept some more.
After my second rising, breakfast and ablutions,
spent most of th rest of it thus:

Also cleaned out the fridge and combined leftovers for a big pot of soup to eat with toasted Pita bread.  Then the packing.
Teddy thought he was coming with me.
I explained, and he seemed to accept, that he was going to be responsible for defense of the apartment until I return in Early December.  He even seemed pleased.  I left the packing to retrieve a few more things to include, and when I returned,
he had inserted himself in my case,
one telltale foot trailing.
A friend, who will look in every day in my absence, soothed his fears, and once he knew he was not to be entirely abandoned,
he was contented.
Today I'm headed for old friends up country to share thanksgiving, and will be off the web for a while.
May we all enjoy much to be thankful for.
You know, I hope, I'm grateful for you.

I hope Mo Crow knows that Velma bolyard is teaching in Australia in February
I'm re-posting her link for all:




Anonymous said...

funny! and Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

enjoy your time with friends and
happy thanksgiving..

Mo Crow said...

Have a good Thanksgiving and thanks for the heads up that Velma will be here in the Land Down Under in the New Year, x fingers she will be able to visit us here in Sydney this time & we can take her out on the town!
Oh and thanks so much for the wonderful millefiore beads!

Kim Andersen said...

Your second rising sounds like a hobbit having his second breakfast .... Blessings on your trip ... Enjoy and soak in the love of the thankful season