Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The larger world seems more and more remote.
Though moved by the week long, daily broadcast of Mandela celebrations leading to the State funeral, worried over the disastrous extinction of peoples, plants and creatures, myself, constantly on the brink of such; it all feels a foggy dream, an amorphous cloud of constantly shifting grains of sand, molecules of air, modes of being.
The promised snow turned sleety rain before it landed on City streets, and is ended with a drop to 21 degrees for nightfall.  Why do I long for snow?
 Nostalgia for Currier and Ives, for all those imagined City scenes of another century, for the romantic notion of costumed elegance, of course.
Then, the commercially guttered reality drifts back into my consciousness, and all the wars.  The world, the world is infinite shades between the black and white.
I'm 'Phillipe Petit' traversing huge expanses of space with only a balance pole, vision adjustments, and a leaf or two for grounding to keep me here.
 Fruit helps,
it's instant sunlight!

Only eleven more days to Winter Solstice eve



Velma Bolyard said...

such dis-ease this december, it's here, too. the hooligans are very restless.

Peggy said...

Michelle, when I read this I thought that's how this time of year maybe should feel -- dark and getting darker, we tolerate other people's antics, no fresh food, stay in, wait it out with personal symbols and images of the sun. And then...hallelujah. xo

Joan@CopperCreeker said...

i'm wanting snow also. i live in madison county in kentucky. weather man promises snow... but like you we end up with sleet, freezing rain and one small dusting of snow for a day.
i think for me the wish for snow represents the soft cocooning for hibernation. just the quite softness of snow at twilight. peaceful
i will keep wishing for snow to come to your home while i wish for it myself.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am here.
with you.
what to think??????????????????????