Monday, December 9, 2013


 It's a towel.
a fine people-sized, brushed-cotton,
chocolate-gray towel,
found and re-purposed.
 Not a shawl or a scarf,
but could be used for such.
 I used this cotton dishtowel as a scarf
to match my gray pants and hat.

Oh, to be this child!
 or to be that watchful white beast.
And, oh, poor Francis and his bird companion
got a very little bit of snow dressing.
Sunday was mostly cold sleet both out of doors and in.  I soaked red onion skins in vinegar then dunked this white wool found-scarf in the solution and brought it to a simmer for ten minutes, then let it sit for three days.
 The reveal showed a pale color change
 with some variation in the original material
which was shielded by knots from the dye.
 this patterning is simply the weave showing.
 The fringe looks yellow here.
 When fully dry.  it exhibits the subtle patterning of dye and resist.
 Yes, a pale Sunday shifting into Monday

As soon as the previous post was published, "Archangel" phoned to say that being busy did not mean ending friendship.

What wind said to the trees was:
"Breathe, just breathe."

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Peggy said...

Your found scarf turned out just right, I like how the color shifts. And I love so much the beautiful St. Michael votive burning to completion. xo