Tuesday, January 14, 2014


gleaned from yet another box of papers, sorted through and transformed into several small piles.
The 'Cottage' 1946

Every day, more sorting and discarding.  Every day small treasures unearthed.

Nana Mary Slater and Joe Pine
Here, I spent part of many Summers away from Mom and Dad, with cousins nearby, ponies a neighbor let me ride, naps every day, something wonderful always cooking. and it was here I took 
tin tub baths
was so well loved, and
drenched in sunshine.


chris aiton said...

What lovely photographs! I treasure the few old photos that I have of my family (some of them I remember and some I don't). I have a few of even earlier family members that I don't even know who they were or how they were related - but I can make stories. I suppose in a few years the old photos of me and my life will be a mystery to those who follow. I found your blog through SpiritCloth. Have a good trip!

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Aren't these surprise treasures just the best?!! I found an old photo of my aunt (who passed away in June) with her cousin as laughing schoolgirls. I adore this image of them :)