Sunday, January 5, 2014


Broadway was buzzing and flashing last night.

"One Night  With Janice Joplin"
The show was good, singers fine, the band swell, speakers very loud, with plenty of light effects, and the house was full of happy people, both young and old.
I got to thinking about what she might have been like before she bumped into 'Big Brother and The Holding Company', and found some stuff on the web.  She did a whole lot of singing back then, and it was different from the way we know her now.  This one is said to be the first she ever recorded.  It was done
at a friends home in 1962.  She was just twenty.

What Good Can Drinkin' Do?

"Careless Love"

Seven years later she was dead.

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Mo Crow said...

Janice found her voice and burned so bright in those 7 wild years, she is still the inspiration for living life with all your heart no holds back no matter what goes down...