Thursday, March 13, 2014


A one dollar thrift shop scarf was to headline what I intended to post about Wedmesday until something more pressing intervened.
The old stove shattered a Corning-ware dish, alerting me to the fact that something was wrong.  After a test with a neighbors thermometer, we ascertained that the thermostat no longer works.  The burners and pilot lights are fine.  We also checked to be sure there's no gas leak.  So no oven till repair or replacement.  Okay.  Early today I reported to the management message service, bypassing the Super due to the unfortunate collision I posted about in that "Everything Is Connected to Everything" rant of March 5th.  I was assured the message would result in someone coming to have a look.
Said I'd be home all day.
Let them know my answer machine is out of commission, but the phone works fine if you let it ring many times so I can reach it,
Then I turned on the news where the tragic story of two buildings gas explosion in East Harlem became the focus of my attention.
Acrid smoke spread through and beyond the neighborhood.
It took all day to subdue.  First responders were heroic as were civilians.  Nearby properties were also affected, two people died and many injuries were taken to the hospital, while the details of causes began to accumulate slowly with no definitive answers.
The search for people and causes will continue for many, many days.  Meanwhile here, though unrelated,
no one phoned or came to my door.

"Becoming Comfortable With Groundlesness"


Velma Bolyard said...

oh, michelle, how difficult. in every way.

yvette said...

poor people in harlem but

poor you with a bully concierge and a broken stove

the sand mandala's and the eyes on the shawl are great symbols.....

i tell you about my blog later
today is the day my husband died in 2006
so little concentration

jude said...


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

restless ness

Nancy said...

Hope your range is soon replaced and you are well and safe.

This was a timely audio for me today. Thanks Michelle.

Mo Crow said...

as my old friend Pete Webb (plant shaman extraordinaire) said so long ago-
"Spirit likes to see us dance on the shifting sands of change"