Sunday, March 9, 2014


Extremely Explicit
(Parental Guidance is Compulsory)
For Your Viewing Pleasure
An hour and a half 'service' presided over by the divinely dishonorable Rev. Robin Williams
five months after open heart surgery.

Had me rolling in the aisles this morning.
Laughter IS the best Medicine!


deanna7trees said...

i love Robin Williams. what do you think of his new show on TV? i couldn't get into it?

Mo Crow said...

will have to wait to listen for the sun to come up so as not to disturb the neighbours with my very loud & raucous laugh!

Ms. said...

Deanna--Like the ancients, I have an old TV without cable--it uses a rabbit ear antenna. I get just the standard 2, 4,5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 channels and a few extras. I never even heard RW had a show. My Time Warner Cable is just for my ten year old computer to have internet access for blogs, you tube, Face book and one weekly folk music podcast from the UK. There isn't enough power to do much else there. And, since Google changed stuff the last time, I have to have a separate Safari browser to get my email. Firefox browser is no longer supporting gmail, and soon You tube will also not be supported. Can not upgrade because of age and finances. It's enough.

Mo I listened with earphones that Sunday morning so as not to disturb neighbors, who must have wondered what the heck the old lady was laughing at in the seeming silence of her apartment.