Saturday, March 15, 2014



(black tea, red onion skin, geranium leaves rice vinegar)
Looks promising
Undo the bundle
Looks can be deceiving
Back into the stew.

A few minutes ago Billy Gilbert, building manager, came hollering 'ring-ring-ring-ringing' my apartment door "Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle" adding a trill at the end with his Irish accent..."your stove?"--and then into the kitchen...."we have a stove upstairs for you" (they are gut rehabilitating an apartment on the top floor with hundred year old dust and debris swirling daily for a week now. It is agreed I'll have it installed Tuesday. Out with the old.

When this now broken stove above came in here some years ago they had to take off the apartment door to get it in, and when they remounted the door I had to find someone to fix my locks again.  Maybe it will go better this time.  The entrance here is very difficult.  The walls got gouged up too.  I had help then so we did the cleanup ourselves.  But that was then.  No help like that now, and I am ten years older.
 Maybe it will be smoother.  It might.
I asked "size?"--"same".   "Will it be another direct-gas model or an electric sparked gas model".  He didn't know. Really, Billy was in and out in less than three minutes.  After he left, I went upstairs to have a look...There it was..
Newer, all electric, dusty...

A friend and I went to an art exhibition
by Tashi Norbu.
Tibet House
22 West 14th Street
I love it there.  It's got so much good energy from all the years of pilgrims, visitors, artists and great teachers.  We profit from the presence of them all.

Clear, warmed up to the fifties, so friend Wendy and I went off to stroll the farmers market.  I got one incredibly fragrant edible pansy.

Then on to the East Village, the former 'Loisada' to visit the few old time real places and reconnect.  
Everyone I asked had a beastly Winter, but it seemed to me the oldest ones weathered it better.  It takes years of practice to be a survivor.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i love that. maybe that's something to really look at...that there are
kinds of survivorship and age
might make it better, like good

Ms. said...

...Or like an old bush that flowers like a trooper no matter what the weather throws at it it.

Peggy said...

I've got the same situation with my current dye-pot -- color in the liquid but not on the cloth. Hope you like your new stove, it looks nice, and the good thing about electric is it's clean. xo

Nanette said...

I Love your kitchen!

Velma Bolyard said...

YAY for a stove and YAY for surviving winter. i'm sick of it and i love winter and i'm old.

yvette said...

o help to remove the oldie?
is it you on the picture?
if so

MulticoloredPieces said...

You are so right, Michelle, It takes so much to be a survivor...the challenges never stop coming. I always admire your reflective nature in the face of adversity.
best, nadia