Tuesday, April 1, 2014

RE-POSTING Things Go On Forever

Train Ride
by Ruth Stone

All things come to an end;
small calves in Arkansas,
the bend of the muddy river.
Do all things come to an end?
No, they go on forever.
They go on forever, the swamp,
the vine-choked cypress, the oaks
rattling last year's leaves,
the thump of the rails, the kite,
the still white stilted heron.
All things come to an end.
The red clay bank, the spread hawk,
the bodies riding this train,
the stalled truck, pale sunlight, the talk;
the talk goes on forever,
the wide dry field of geese,
a man stopped near his porch
to watch. Release, release;
between cold death and a fever,
send what you will, I will listen.
All things come to an end.
No, they go on forever.

Saturday I told myself that the storm is just a part of the larger weather front that caused mudslides in one place, blizzards in another and our drenching rain.  Weather goes on forever.  Lives lived within it's sphere, the spark of that perennial becoming goes on forever I think.
Sunday night I found myself asking "Is this relentless rain forever?"  It felt so, and then thunder rumbling across the sky from East to West sent pigeons off the sill and deep into their more protected places along these improvised cliffs, our city buildings.  Two days and nights--only a tiny piece of forever, but forever is in each moment.
Some of the pictures herein were shot in my home, others from print publications were re-shot with a flash--you will see a bright white spot in each so that the photographs can not be reproduced--I can provide better shots, and more at a later date.
They are from the beautiful book
"Vanishing Tibet" 
by the photographer-artists
Danny Constant and Catherine Steinmann
I paid $45
 Inscribed to me and signed by both artists
increases it's value
I met these amazing women at their show of works at Tibet House in 2008, the last year I had extra cash, and so I acquired the book, and one piece
"Double Doors"
a photograph by Catherine printed on brass and framed
 I paid $700
For six years
It hung here
Also included
"The Tibetans"
'A Struggle to Survive'
First edition 1995 by Steve Lehman
I paid $40
 Monday I decided to post this offer Today
I hope to sell the package of three Items privately
I need $1000 cash for current pressing needs.
(Cataract surgery pre-pay fee $500--Medications after surgery $100--Ten year old Freidrich energy-efficient A/C needs to be removed, cleaned and re-installed before the heat hits $350, and I need a new telephone $50 because the old princess is being held together with gaffer tape, often fails to connect and the answer machine died.)

Email me if you are interested, or know anyone who might be
I'll email my phone number or you can send yours


Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) can you set up a PayPal button on this blog so all your readers can donate what we can to help?

Ms. said...

NO NO NO....only by private arrangement first by email, then telephone. Just the way it is.

Ms. said...

Also NO Face Book SHARE! share by email only...I better add that in.

yvette said...

i wish iwish i wish
i feel so ashamed i didn't read this before yesterday when i spent my saving for a sewing machine
a eye is so important
i mail you how to donate as mo said

MulticoloredPieces said...

Lovely poem, Michelle, but I gotta wonder about the American health care system...no excuse for this.
N'Cha'Allah la bes (May God heal you and give you good health), as they say here.
best, nadia

Ms. said...

Thrilled--really, really thrilled by such caring friends. Such a spirit lift! Worry about nothing, What is meant to be will be I have no doubt. These three items will find their new home if it is meant to be. Meanwhile a threw another iron on the fire of fate last night. What will be is already written, I love every one.