Sunday, May 4, 2014


Here's a delicious day-trip to
Western Massachusetts

Here's a trip to
Westfield Massachusetts
 It's s all in the details
 Morning has Woken
 Morning Mist
 On a Clear Day
Standing Still

Now a trip back to
Manhattan, New York

Good Company

Good Eats

Rx for Eyes

Like an Old Tree
Post card from a friend
(You may have read this before, in which case, I repeat myself)
Well, the computer just did it to me again...locked me up in the middle of constructing a blog post while I was trying to upload some snapshots I just took, and while all my photo files were on the screen.  Firefox wouldn't quit and finally I force quit by turning the power off, and back on.  Things are back with the alarming exception of my sudden inability to upload from the camera to my picture file on the computer.  Perhaps another function just died or is "no longer supported".  It's just like when the disc player died about two years ago--This little ol' Mac is like an old tree on a shrinking landscape, it sacrifices first the least important parts in order to survive.
I will too



grace Forrest~Maestas said...


Kim Andersen said...

Aww - you are gracious and kind

(I recognize the trader joe coconut oil - so delicious in a baked yam - better than butter ever was!)