Saturday, May 17, 2014


Home Made Video
The building next door (we are attached) has been tarped down the whole length of it's front fire escape.

It flapped all Thursday night in the rain and wind.  Made me think of buildings in NYC with sails, so that when the next flood arrives,  they could just sail away. That's how imagination works, Isn't it?

Home Made Cloth Dye
Weeks ago I soaked berries (forget which ones), then separated to pure dye and stuck a white ruffle scrap and a previously indigo scrap.  Waited a week.  Not much change after washing.
I'll dye again with tea.

Home Made String Thing
Strings saved from Tibetan incense, and some embroidery thread mixed in, plus a found metal peace sign hangs on the lampshade. 
It's been there for a month.
I braid and knot a little,
between other tasks of living.
It's meditative, soothing.
At the end it's an even dozen.
Nice.  Maybe I'll braid these too.


Joan@CopperCreeker said...

reminds me of a Norah Jones video for her song Chasing Pirates. it has a part showing her apartment building sailing thru New York.
i'll post the video on your FaceBook page.

Nancy said...

Love your little videos! That braiding knot work is grand. Wish I still had my old peace sign, worn daily when young :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

string thing.
even love the words, string thing