Friday, May 2, 2014


Sleepless night with no good reason--so, early rising and some writing progress on a draft.  The Internet which went "wonkie" yesterday, okay, but my browser refused to quit--had to shut down and restart--twice.
Ordinary Frustration

Found out from my pharmacy i have to start the three eye drops Rx two days previous to surgery on the eighth.  The 'instructions from the Doctors office have still not arrived after three weeks of trying.
Ordinary Concern

Then, our Superintendent changed the lock without notice, and I couldn't get in to the building.  I got a key from his wife, but now have to make four for friends holding keys.  A certain feeling of vulnerability began to fire off from it's hiding place in synaptic memory.
Ordinary Distress

There was some sunlight today after the many too many days of determined rain, and a hint of pink nearing dusk.  However, there were no pigeons anywhere today.  They have all disappeared from my building, from the surrounding streets too.  I concentrated on the pink and conjured the hopeful thought that they had found safe harbor somewhere.
Ordinary Relief

 National Public Radio--The program concerned total surveillance vs privacy:   A fellowd said the following in response to: "Are you a pessimist then?"--"No, I'm a confirmed optimist.--We're the great ape that figured out if we care about each other, we can survive."  He said a great many things besides that i wish I'd written down, but I was only half listening as the rain began again, accompanied by a surfeit of sirens and whoops from emergency vehicles moving toward downtown along the Avenue nearest me.
Ordinary Alarm

So, that's really all it takes--one optimist--and my scales are tipped, heart turned toward the source of light like a wise plant.  I can rest easy now knowing that plants and I are that intelligent, that I'm always in such good company!
Ordinary Miracles

Comfort ends this day, or might have had the following not happened--the computer locked me up in the middle of constructing this blog post, and while I was trying to upload some snapshots!  Then Firefox wouldn't quit!  Finally I force quit by turning the power off, and back on.  Previous tabs and two browsers came back, but with one exception--I am now unable to upload from the camera images I'd shot to use here.  I chose some old images instead to plug the holes-- random choices to let whatever appeared surprise me.  Perhaps another function just died. or 'is "no longer supported".  It's just like the disc player did about two years ago.  Computers are sorts of beings with their own lifespans. perhaps like an old tree on a shrinking landscape, it sacrifices what it deems the least important parts in order to survive.  I'll take the lesson to heart, release the frustration, distress, concern, alarm--opt for ordinary relief and extraordinary comforts--consider hot water, a nice dwelling place, no hunger or thirst, plenty of entertainment, and a humbled psyche settling down for the duration.  Aren't I a great ape that figured out if we care about each other, we can survive?!
Extraordinary Comfort

What really matters after all but matters of the heart. 


Virginia Mallon said...

Lovely blogs!

It is always a good day when I follow a lead through the wilds of the web and it leads to a discovery of something wonderful. Love your posts; love the link on national poetry month. Love that I found it on a dreary Friday morning. :-)

Thank you!

Deb G said...

I'm going to keep the optimists company too. :)

Mo Crow said...

the path of heart...