Friday, May 23, 2014


...keeps popping up, and now won't let me download new photos from my camera to my picture file.

I've hit a virtual wall
My mind is not relaxed.
Though I'm participating, I can't seem to keep up.
There may be other files too, since I've gotten it while on G-mail as well.

Wouldn't an empty line be beautiful?
I don't want to delete my photo files, but haven't enough of those USB drives to download the whole batch from 2009 to now.  The problem is clutter like the rest of my life.  Well, I'll delete what I've already put on one of them (a 4GB took 2009 through June), fill up the two (each is 2GB) smaller ones I have, and work on dumping a whole bunch of archived emails.  What do I really need?

All That Is Needed

For every lean brown cow, a makeshift shack for shelter
made of splintered planks and poles,
crowned with dented, rusted tin.

For every bamboo leaf, at dawn, one bead of dew,
crystal clear, and empty--open
like a lens to let light in.

For every petal floating on the surface of the pool,
shadows trembling on smooth stones
underneath still water’s skin.

And for each wretch who falters, and falls beside the road,
an hour of sleep, and dreams--no matter
what he’s done, or where he’s been,

no matter where he says he goes,
or what on earth he thinks he knows.

~by R. Nemo Hill~

(Posted on Face book to me in comments on last post, and added in to comments on the last post by me)
posting it again today because It is one of my favorites



Deb G said...

Now there's a question, what do we need? :) Working on that one this weekend myself.

Mo Crow said...

but a well documented life Michelle!

Ms. said...

Some of the question has been answered and I have made significant progress in letting go huge swaths of emails and drafts over at Safari with my g,mail--here, so far only the photo files from 2009 (when I signed on) through June. The latter is still in the trash not yet deleted forever but out of files. The former (emails), so far as I know, are 'gone' from my file load (or on a cloud somewhere). More to come. As for a 'well documented' life Mo, only the future will prove that, and I want to apologize for it actually...but, you know how it is with a new toy--experiments, production, inventions, chatter and clutter just happen, and before some slow-to-realize folks like me realize it, there's no more space!

Nancy said...

Michelle~ I so get this! What DO we Need? I have so many photos on my hard drive...that really only matter to me. Every now and then, I delete a bunch. Will my children really care about 100 sunflower photos (made up number, I don't really know how many sunflower photos I have!), even if I consider each one either unique, exquisite, representative (of something)..or holding some sort of meaning. I will probably never earn a living with my pics, even though some are very nice. Like Deb said though, a well documented life...but documented for whom...who cares. In the end I will have lived, loved, shared and just been here. That's really enough. As you can tell, I've recently thought of this subject too. The clutter can be overwhelming and heavy. I do delete old emails and empty various trashes... a lot! At work too. I try to keep that email from gathering and keep my physical mailbox as empty as possible (completely empty right now). I keep my work 'shelf' as clear/clean as I can too. Now if I could only do this with my house!!! Love to you Michelle in your organizational efforts and sharing of what you have! I studied each photo you posted on your other blog. Thank you for sharing your remembering.

Velma Bolyard said...

yes, i sometimes think i'll delete everything and go back to being anonymously me.