Sunday, June 1, 2014


Lost Then Found
Unfinished !
to Jude Hill

Great street find
West 20th Street library 
Reading Out Loud
Several groups, hosted by N. Y. Writers Coalition
After Reading
Judith Kalina, a painter and poet from my regular writing group, treated at Starbucks where I observed this couple
We walked uptown together past this iconic landmark
Madison Square Park before partiing
Home in time for
"Prairie Home Companion"
I prepared Beans and Tomatoes for my friend, Amy Ernst
She brought a delicious Sushi Selection, a green seaweed salad and Hajiki
We caught up on each others news, feasted, and shared cold Saki.  We've been friends since Ananda Ashram days in the late nineties.  She travels again soon to France for the opening of her new show in Seillans.
Collages, Mono-prints and Solar Plate Etchings
 A surprise gift to start my left eye operation fund !
I walked part way back to her place with her
Pausing by the Gandhi statue
Union Square
We Parted
I circled East across 14th street
Encountered A group of kids having dance practice with
"Float Master John"
(aka John Rich, Dance Instructor and Peer Counselor)
Anyone was welcome to join in
 I did, briefly.  It was fun
Then, up Irving place to Gramercy Park
Another street find

Sunday Morning
Below my front window
Abandoned ?
Hope not.
I'm Watching


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

makes me feel so good to see all of this. to know that the World is BIG and so much MORE than i know here in this little acre. Important to me.
and your beans and tomatoes...sigh,
i want that with my own grown tomatoes and oh ee, those eggs, but really, there are too many of us. thinking a lot about that too, lately, how many of us there have become...a lot. no wonder we sometimes or all the time are stymied about how it all can go... but i will Trust.
thanks for this, Love

deemallon said...

oh no -- the eggs! another rescue mission coming?!

glad I came to see, as Grace says, how big the world is... how vibrant New York is, how much you see and hear !