Tuesday, July 1, 2014


July First
I left New York on the nineteenth of June--had a fall, not fatal, perhaps a karmic debt repaid.  Most certainly a wake up call.
First my bag of food, then my rolling case, went tumbling down the escalator at Penn Station.  It was quite comic in retrospect, with the boarding conductor desperately trying to gather up limes and other loose food stuff so the escalator wouldn't jam, then, just as I reached the bottom, I fell over my case and landed on my shoulder--the one I've dislocated twice in the past two decades--an Achilles shoulder instead of a heel--I got up slowly.  Asked if I wanted assistance I replied in the affirmative...wanting someone to drag my bags to the boarding coach way down the tunnel since my right arm was glued to my side...but, he left and got the Station Master, whose only concern was whether or not I required 'medical' assistance.  I turned him down knowing I'd miss the train if I said yes, and determined to get to my friends.  I dragged my own bags, and only got help from the train man to board.  No one else offered help, and one or two passengers had actually stepped over me when I was down.  It was a strange day, pressed atmosphere with all seeming in a great hurry though the train was twenty minutes late.  My Massachusetts friend helped me with bags on arrival, and the for the next two days I slept, applied homeopathic salves and ice and heat alternately.
Solstice eve I saw the bruise.  From then on I did nothing strenuous, continued treatments,  and enjoyed the surrounds despite the constant ache.
For the return trip I scheduled assists with Amtrak in advance.  Home now, still aching but improved.
More cheerful trip scenes next post.


Velma Bolyard said...

that's one ugly bruise. take good care.

jude said...

og gee, so sorry the trip started out so awfully. get that looked at no matter what. i find these things heal up all stiff like real fast in our old age.

Mo Crow said...

oh (((Michelle!))) feel better soon!

Nancy said...

Awww...I'm so sorry you were (are) hurt. I hope you heal quickly. At least if you are going to fall and need care and rest...you were in the company of good friends and out in your beautiful, nature-filled MA.
Please take care of yourself.

Marti said...

Let me try commenting again: Michelle now that you are back home, I hope that your shoulder pain is lessening and that you are feeling stronger. In the midst of the pain from your tumble, it was quite special of you to send us the video with bird song to welcome the Solstice. Thank you and blessings of the season to you.

looktothisday said...

the weave circle misses your presence michelle. happy to hear you are back home, and hope you heal up nicely . hugs to you.linda m in bc