Sunday, July 20, 2014


Tell-Tale Stain on a favorite table cloth after several attempts at removal--remnant of x-trusted neighbors gross misuse of the apartment, and a thorn in my side.
Felt really good ripping it all apart.
I played around with 'weave' for a while. 
It's just TOO red and white!
Stowed it away, and pulled out some other cloth bits.
Reviewed these past dye results.
Black oak on tea stained cotton sheeting.
On to the long neglected dye pot.
Tea bags and old gunk...
All the dye on hand, some beet juice, berry juice with mold, weak oak leftovers, and a bit of cumin.  I plan to mix it all together, brew and strain.
Then, bundle the red and white cloths,
and let them stew.

Meanwhile, on the heels of another sleepless night...
...I've finally figured out the issues I've been worrying.
So, okay.  No wonder I'm sleeping through days avoiding depression, tossing and turning through nights.  Returning to cloth work was medicinal, and I had a good weep over the touching moments in tonights broadcast of "Last Tango in Halifax". I feel better.

I wonder if it's too late to learn guitar,
become a busker in City parks week ends?
Dixie Michelle makes her own guitars too!

No matter what the content of  the moment, this too will pass.


deemallon said...

wishing you a good night's sleep! I look forward to seeing how the stripes and checks interact. I wonder what would change if you wove first, dyed second.

and guitar? why not?!!

Marti said...

Black oak tea stained cloth, 6th photo, right side: wonderful orb, could be a cosmic trailing, an unfolding flower, the depths of canyon strata, tells me many stories this piece of your dyed cloth and I love it.

Equally love Last Tango in Halifax,have always been a fan of the lead actors, Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid and Nicola Walker. It is rare to find a love story about older couples that is realistically portrayed without the usual cliches... Long been an Anglophile, only thing I watch on the TV are British programs with the exception of the local news. I find that no one does drama better on television and since my son in law is British, there is that added connection.

Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) love the power of cloth, it has to do with touch

Ms. said...

Thanks for commenting Mo (touch, yes) and Marti (The Brits do it best for sure, and me too on those actors) and Dee (thinking about that, and also about what other bits to incorporate, but have not decided. I'm sloooooow)

Velma Bolyard said...

getting grounded, cloth is a good way. doesn't always work, but getting your hands IN stuff is a good antidote.

Deb G said...

Love your dyed fabric. I always find stories in the way they come out.

yvette said...

what struck me in this post is that to avoid depression you sleep the day
my trick is to walk the dogs very very early in the morning than coffee with a little computer
doeing what i can
and then the must nothing time.......heaven!

love and hugs

jude said...

cloth is good. it moves with touch, did you know i used to teach guitar? don't have one anymore.

Nancy said...

Those dyed pieces look great. Sending hugs to you, although belated. A little cloth, a little weep...self care and then some sleep.
Loved the video/song. For whatever reason, reminds me of "Going Down The Road Feeling Bad".
I always wanted to play the guitar, never wanted to practice to actually learn!