Saturday, September 6, 2014

SEPTEMBER 1,2,3,4,5,and 6

 Pull apart the pile that means to end up as a file
Spread it out over the floor, chairs, and tables
Read--eliminate--Read--choose--Read selects out loud.  Choose a short story too. Pop a soluble vitamin B12, and show up at the venue early
Rose Bernal read two new short poems,
Su Polo read "The Artist" by Jefferson Davies and Steve Bloom, the first feature, read several of his poems: 
I sang unaccompanied verses of "Hard Times" by Stephen Foster
(I like these girls doing it)
Then read three of my poems.  Here's one:

Life Itself

There's always war somewhere -
in the the body politic, or that body there.
Something wants what some one, or some thing
has possession of. That has a truthful ring.

The peace of a full belly, or a conquered hill,
of someone bending to an others will,
or death, when pulse ceases to insist,
is all the peace there is - the ultimate kiss.

This soil on which we play
accomplishing our tangled lay
worms will oh too soon aerate.
Here is every things fate.
What's green now, growing above
the bounds of seed, is living love.

A dove calling to its mate,
hungry barn cats coming late
for benefactors generous plate,
turn to where a bird is sure to sate
hunger. Each day rises from night
to the light, always to the light.

Desire, the hunt, and all this war,
the what-we-do till we are no more,
till we are no more than memory
absorbed into a vaster sea. 
Our need - a vector,
a bees thirst for nectar.

We, the least of all creations,
with our avarice, codes, and nations,
are collectively a single temporary guest,
no different than the rest,
except perhaps for conscience,
and unavoidable consequence.
Then a short story--the one about compassion for the New Years Rat.  I wrote several animal related stories for this paper.  Someday, when I figure out how to do pages and find the time (or take it)...but, like the file that needs to be...

Hot + nothing much = Nothing much + hot

Paying bills by snail mail, I stand and wait at the post office
  Zen sitting at 6 o'clock 
Although my spine was straight, I fell asleep three times! 
Borrowed a book and headed home
Passed several homeless people bedded down in doorways, and watched a young man photograph one sleeping.  He was the only one who stopped. Then noticed the contrast of a woman, having stepped into the street, pausing to search for her cell phone, and a man with one deformed leg struggling to make it across the street in time...the start of a short story:

She finds her phone and takes a few steps.  The light changes. Traffic zooms ahead. They're suddenly stranded right next to each other surrounded by cars.  His name?-Joseph Destino. Hers?-Mary Anne Carteret.  There they are under a hot sun burning through the evening haze, briefly trapped by circumstance.  He drops his cane. She picks it up.  Their eyes meet.  She thinks she knows him from somewhere.  But where?  When?
(flash fiction-to be continued)
Kept walking...
Ominous Image painted on a door further on
Kept walking...
Performers in full body leotards buying hot dogs and posing happily

Pink sky at night-sailors delight
Pink sky in the morning-sailors take warning
Art opening
by Karen Green Recor
"The Door Closed and Open"
by Arnold Wechsler

Discs $150 each
Three sketchbooks for sale
Film crew
doing it for art history
snapping stills 

bearing witness to the legend he has become:

Gallery folks cutting up
After...To the high line
with another art veteran

A nice breeze greets us

Evidence of Summer gone to seed
A variable feast for birds

Some last blooms
The intoxicating scent of late flowering trees
To the Public Theater
Cleopatra's Needle is being repaired
Hot and hazy still
"A Winter's Tale"
(surreptitious shakey snapshot before the show)
It was BIG fun---foot stomping, clapping along and laughing out loud fun. Great singers and performers, stunts and comedy, with appearances by Sesame street puppets, NYC Ballet, Dance Brazil, Shin bone alley stilt band, Staten Island Lions, NYC Bhangra dance company, and Rosie's Theater kids.  +  over 200 New yorkers as chorus and extras for crowd scenes!  Spectacular adaptation, harks back to days of the first "Hair", and every ticket FREE!
Read about it:
(The ghost of me with my beautiful friend)
 Strolled back through the park in the dark  accompanied by crickets, cicadas and katydids to catch the Fifth Avenue bus home
Awaiting the storm while watching channel thirteen
"No Way Out"
Roger Ebert gave the film 4 out of 4 stars, calling it
"truly labyrinthine and ingenious."

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Nancy said...

It is always so fascinating to trek around your neighborhood, your days with you. The young girls were so sweet, but I like hearing your voice as well!