Monday, October 20, 2014


Free Friday
(after 7pm)
One wine or juice gets a ticket to see the film at 9:30
tonight Bertolucci classic "Before the Revolution"
The Cafe


The Gift Shop
 'Shambala Sun'
features Merideth Monk
 and more...
 This owl pillow toy in the window is charming
 Then up to the sixth floor to work my way down
taking only a few shots along the way


 'Inspired By India'
Forty works on paper, 16 water colors and four new sculptures
by Francesco Clemente
 The Flag


'The All-Knowing Buddha'
(A secret Guide)
 Believed to have been commissioned by an eighteenth century Mongolian patron
 Fifty four paintings presented to a Belgian missionary in the early 1920s
 by a young monk in inner Mongolia that he'd befriended
 What remained hidden from Western scholarship for decades was that
they offered a step by step illustrated guide to a Tibetan visualization practice
related to the Buddhist deity Sarvavid Vairochana, the All-knowing Buddha
Video documents and provides detailed notes 


 'Witness at a Crossroads'
Marc Riboud's journey across asia during the 1950s and 1960s
more than a hundred photographs offer glimpses into everyday life in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, and Japan.


'Repatriation collection'
 Bone carving
 Various forms of Mahakala
Painting on cloth
Mahākāla (Sanskrit) is a Dharmapala ("protector of dharma") in Vajrayana Buddhism, and a deity in Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, particularly in the Vajrayana school. He is known as Daheitian (大黑天) in Chinese and Daikokuten (大黒天) in Japanese. Mahākāla belongs to the fourth hierarchy of deities.
 Silk collage


The Rubin Museum


yvette said...

Good with à guide ( guided with à secret guide) like you to visit this beautiful exhibition!

Love to you!

Mo Crow said...

thanks for sharing this wonderful visit!