Saturday, December 6, 2014


December the 5th
Since my return, I've sunk into present tense...
...a woman with moss covered stones on her heart.
December the 5th
Feeling the weight...
...I find myself in walking meditation.
  Consider that the precinct across the street has been a hotbed of hot-headed, aggressive activity through many nights, with helicopters hovering overhead all day all over town as a grief stricken populace by the hundreds of thousands marched.  A short while ago the roving protests passed nearby shouting "No justice, no peace." and "If we can't breathe, you can't breathe." Justice and breathing are the issues.
November the 25th
Backtracking to days in Massachusetts 
It snowed
turning bare trees to crystal garbed skeletons.
From the top floor of the house
 "The Window"
by Raymond Carver

A storm blew in last night and knocked out
the electricity. When I looked
through the window, the trees were translucent.
Bent and covered with rime. A vast calm
lay over the countryside.
I knew better. But at that moment
I felt I'd never in my life made any
false promises, nor committed
so much as one indecent act. My thoughts
were virtuous. Later on that morning,
of course, electricity was restored.
The sun moved from behind the clouds,
melting the hoarfrost.
And things stood as they had before.
 from Ultramarine. © Vintage, 1986.
Christmas cacti bloomed in two rooms.
My friend built a pine cone tree
a gift for their Veterinarian
Then the lights went out.  Workers labored to get fallen branches off electrical lines for four hours, and plows cleared roads through the night

November the 26th
Still and clear, and oh, so beautiful 
 Dennis goes walking.

November the 27th
We traveled from Westfield to Worcester
for Thanksgiving with the Scanlon-Henry clan and guests
Back to Westfield where we began watching
House of Cards
a bit each night till finishing 

November the 28th
My breakfast

A red fox comes for food and finds some...
...where three outdoor cats,
a possum, racoons, skunks, bluejays,
and other wild critters feed
Then - "poof"
"Where's that fox gone?"

Other felines found a new focus

Little-boy-blue Jason arrives
He watches "101 Dalmatians" with Auntie Jen an Uncle 'Dick" while Mommy Rachel makes a wreath for her car

Wreath Making continues after company departs
in process
 Night falls

November the 29th
Set for a second Thanksgiving 
One bird well done...
...two kinds of stuffing, mashed potato and sweet potato, cubed rutabaga, Kale salad with walnuts, red onion and apples, roasted brussel sprouts
Richard greets David and Norton
Melissa and Roger arrive bearing Poinsettia
Branston pickle on Feta cheese

The full feast 
Time out for Bruno love
 Felines share the bounty


 November the 30th
Iron Rabbits emerge
 Ready for Winter

December the 1st
Delivering the wreath
to neighbor George-for his barn

December the 2nd
"bye bye Betsy and Mona"...
"So long" to the comfy bed I slept upon...
"Farewell for a while"


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enjoyed this story line....

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This is so full...Thank you for all you share Michelle.

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thank you for all of this post Michelle!

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