Tuesday, December 30, 2014


For years I've wondered what the heck these electronic numbers meant, so, before this year disappears, I finally did some research and found that another blogger had the answer.  Eugene Salomon, whose very entertaining blog "Cabs are for kissing" is full of astute observations, intelligent opinions, wonderful stories, and useful advice, had also been curious, and he solved the mystery in 2009!
"It's an ascending and descending, 24-hour (military style) clock.  From the left it starts with the hour, then minutes, seconds, tenths of a second, and hundredths of a second. Starting from the right, you have to look at it two digits at a time and it's the reverse, a countdown to midnight. The best way to see it is to focus in on the seconds and watch it change to the next minute, either forward or backward."
 I've become a fan and a follower since reading several posts.
Here is a link to Eugene's post, and an introduction to one delightful man!

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