Sunday, February 22, 2015


If what you see is what you get, then I'm not through my getting yet

Yellow Jasper

Fragment of the head of a Queen:
Photo behind it:

Egyptian workers on an excavation site

carrying sand or artifacts in small woven baskets

"The Ground On Which I Stand"
An American Masters documentary about August Wilson
Scene from
"Jem Of The Ocean"

Flight Feathers
Screen Capture
"Owl Power"

Throwback Thursday
Seventies when a photographer friend used me in a series
Another Throwback
Women I knew from my film days
Agnes Varda-Carol Clement-Ariel Dougherty

The Quilt I loved
from Deanna Cohen's recent post at Face book

Painting by Michael Sowa

Out Back In Manhattan
Shadows and Textures
Lines and Tracks

 Fragment of Cloth Art
by Grace Forest
 See the whole cloth still in process:

Lower Manhattan Full Moon Collage
On February 23rd in 1927, physicist Werner Heisenberg first described his Uncertainty Principle in a letter. In a nutshell, the Uncertainty Principle states that the more precisely we can determine a particle's momentum, the less information we have about its position, and vice versa. The principle represents one of the most fundamental differences between quantum mechanics and classical physics.  Albert Einstein - who was a classical physicist - disagreed with quantum mechanics in general and the Uncertainty Principle in particular; he said, "I like to believe that the moon is still there even if we don't look at it."
The most potent part of everything is invisible and unknowable,
 It's transmitted through words that suggest it--by images, by gestures,
by thoughts that float on the air we share, and yet it remains itself.


Mo Crow said...


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Thank you for loving the Goats

and love the photograph of you

what a Life this is, Yes?

that pic of out back is incredible

deanna7trees said...

i love the painting of the pear light.

Nancy said...

The pear light made me laugh in delight, the cloth of Grace made me sigh and the moon made me gasp...very potent indeed.