Monday, March 16, 2015


Early Mexican supper with the friend I call 'Archangel'
At 'Tortuga' on 14th Street
Incense purchase
Namaste on 14th Street
Gallery Opening
22 West 15th Street
A Brush With Reality
Tara Lobsang is a Tibetan artist and master calligrapher born and raised in Tibet, educated in India, and currently living in New York. In A Brush With Reality, Lobsang wields his sweeping brushstrokes and spiritual faith to delve into a range of human emotions, cosmological landscapes and metaphysical truths.
 As an exile who has spent most of his life separated from his family in Tibet, he taps into the experience and struggles of his own life to explore brief yet penetrating insights into themes ranging from loneliness to friendship, from anger to compassion,
and from attachment to liberation.
Listening to the Band
The Band
 a watcher
Tenzin Choegyal
 A Slice of Sound
Beautiful Manifestations

Gift from dear friends in Jose Limon' Company
Lincoln Center
Paul Taylor's American Modern Dance
 The Program
'Syzygy', set to a score by Donald York, is a virtual meteor shower of movement invention. Doris Humphrey’s 1938 'Passacaglia' was inspired by the need for love, tolerance and nobility in a world given to the denial of these; its Bach score is performed live by organist Kent Tritle. 'Beloved Renegade' traces the life of an artist inspired by poet Walt Whitman, and is set to music for soprano, chorus and orchestra by Poulenc.  No photographs allowed so-A Paul Taylor Sample Reel

First Intermission
 Second Intermission
Home via Subway
66th Street Station
(Tile work by Nancy Spero)

Krishna Das at Garrison Institute
"Heart of Devotion"
Via Live Stream

Monday Evening
Tomorrow is St. Pats day, and I don't celebrate any more because it was he whose mission it was to convert the 'pagans' to Christianity.  I have no animosity against Christians, for wasn't Jesus a peacemaker, but the carnage and suffering involved in those conversions is nothing for me to celebrate.
Here is my favorite song from a favorite Group
"Si Bheag Si Mohr" by Turlough O'Carolan
 Performed byPlanxty 



Mo Crow said...

love those beautiful free marks by the Tara Lobsang thank you for sharing!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your life is so HUGE!