Sunday, June 21, 2015


Summer Solstice

Fathers Day

No Daddy

I searched through poets for a verse, but nothing suited me.
Idly speculating I wondered, if you had lived what might I be?

Would I still wear the woman I am, or dress in other incarnations?
Would you have weathered the storms of my stages, my stations of the cross,
our tribulations? 

Would you have loved me anyway?
Sixty years is a long, long time to have had no Daddy on Fathers Day.

Daddy, I hardly knew you.  Pictures, some artifacts, memory flooded shores
are all there is of you, save a brother whose fine features mimic yours.

Wait---one thing more--a gesture of celebration, and
because you were a good man, this Solstice sun in my open hand.


Marti said...

"because you were a good man", this touched me so Michelle because although I had my Dad until I was 31 and he got to love and know his granddaughters who were 8 when he died, all these years later, not a day goes by that I don't miss little Spanish father, all of 5'3", like me, but a powerhouse of wisdom and love.

Mo Crow said...

Your heart sun is warming me up on this longest night of the year here in the Land Down Under

Nancy said...

Love your drawing filled with warmth and love. Such memories from so long ago, I've heard so many dad stories similar, yet so different too. The threads that tie us one to the other. Love to you Michelle.

Velma Bolyard said...

this absence; mine has been gone forty years. lots of unknowns...i have a teen student who has an amazing relationship with her father. i love seeing them together. don't know why, but i had to share that.