Monday, December 28, 2015



Why write what one thinks?
Why IS the sky blue?
Admittedly, I want responses,

conversation optimally.
Living is a lonely business,

to each their own.
Infirmities are daunting,

the pay is bad.
Sometimes the food is good,

often sleep arrives.
Everything is ephemeral, 

and there's the rub.
I won't refer to rose thorns,

nor bramble bush.
Perhaps It is enough to stop;

language is overrated.

I was just drifting...
adrift 'till a music post on Face book swept me up,
and carried me where I needed to be.
I played it over and over for an hour.


jude said...

don't you just love this? and drifting...strange winter here, as if not enough sleep. no snow blanket.

Mo Crow said...

oh that is beautiful Michelle, you have made this moment on this 3rd rock from the sun so special to me!

Velma Bolyard said...

michelle, strange winter, nifty music, language...drifting...