Monday, December 21, 2015


Thursday Night
A last surviving original tree on East 21st Street glows in the street light
A Favorite Holiday Card of Yesteryear

Trims around the Apartment
Who was this from?
 Madame Collette Angel
A Jim Bird with an Emily Bauble
That Tin Heart

More Cards for this Year
Glitter Reindeer & Two Cardinal greetings
 Wolf Friends
A package of home-made treats from my Massachusetts  friends:
Zucchini bread, three kinds of Cookies, Quince Jam and 'bread & butter' pickles

Washington Square Scenes
Looking South to the 'Freedom' Tower

"Dedicated to General Giuseppe Garibaldi, the 19th century Italian patriot.
He crusaded for a unified Italy during the European era of state building."
 Roses still Blooming despite the Chill air
Caroling at Judson Church
With the West Village Chorale and my friend Michael
 Hot Chocolate, Snacks and more singing Inside around the piano
So many expensive 'Urgent Care' centers opening around town while the hospitals turn into high end condominiums, or consolidate--one taking over another as homelessness increases at an alarming rate.  Too much sadness, displacement and despair.

The Turning
It has begun, begun in the dark. Darkness that deepens till dawn. Dawn loosening light that wakes. Wakes within the sleeping world. Worlds, all seamless as dreams, dreaming wave on wave of light, light fading then back into night.

Blessed Be


Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) thank you for sharing the view from the Big Apple, the hardest and yet most generous big hearted city I have ever visited!

Nancy said...

Your home & city tours always provide armchair travel seeing your world, through your eyes. Thank you. Your sweet critters card reminded me of this beloved childhood book of mine. The message of it as right today as when it first went into print!

jude said...

not traveling north?

Peggy said...

Wonderful to get a glimpse of your days, Michelle. And I actually have about three of those woodland scene cards left from a few years ago, saving them for something special, I don't know what, but I love them too. Happy week to you.