Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Almost Christmas Eve
(A New York Story)
I went first to Epiphany Library on East 23rd Street at 6:45 where I returned and checked out items, and took a photo of a favorite librarian. Then, while shopping for a red candle in glass at THIRD AVENUE FOOD CORP at 325 Third Avenue, one of those kind of nasty, very tight spaces where I seldom shop, which tonight was particularly crowded, MY CAMERA WAS LIFTED from the deep side pocket of my raincoat, but I didn't discover it 'till I got home.

I next went right next door to the Natural Frontier Market for broccoli and tofu, and had many animated conversations with staff till 7:45PM. Lastly I stopped at CVS at 8PM for some dish soap and then home. I'm usually so careful but it was pouring and I have a bit of allergy effect with a foggy head.  I'm 99% certain the theft had to have been at the Third Avenue Food Corp. It caters to a sort of shady Clientele, and no one at the other locations had either the opportunity nor would they have been likely steal.

I mourn the photographs that were still in the camera and are now in some one's uncaring hands, and worry I might have left identifying information there. Naturally I am very sad to lose the camera because I can not replace for a while. So, no Christmas eve, day or days after photographs! Very sad about that fact.

There is a minuscule chance I might have left it at the Library on the desk. I was the last customer and in a hurry to pack the audio discs away.....I doubt it, but will check tomorrow.  I still believe people are good and some simply need.

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