Saturday, December 5, 2015


The third Thanksgiving November 23rd:
Eight days and nights, moment to moment, plus two feasts!
Westfield, Massachusetts--the "Country of the Pointed Firs"
to my 'other' family with our long decades of friendship,
sharing, being together, being ourselves and our shadows.
Jenny and I walk the dog accompanied by Chaser
then a fireside for Bruno
Richard listens to a friend
Dennis studies for a test
while the berries glow in a dark night
and Sasha nestles in hay under the stairs.
Another day arrives
brighter than the last
 The next day is damp and foggy.
I listen to blue jays alarmed at crows.

Thanksgiving morning we travel to Worcester

where Rachel, her mother Leone, her husband Tim, and their son Jason live, prosper, and make manifest their love with action.
Full of mischief and delight....
"Take my picture"
I take many pictures:
The feast begins after cheeses and empenadas: Sweet and creamed potatoes, squash, peas, stuffing, gravy, turkey, rolls and braid bread, cranberry and six deserts!
Tra la la la...
Tim and Jason become sacred fools
while Nina is a Bodhisattva
Sun sinking--earth turning
we return the way we came.

Another day dawns.
 We are preparing to host the second feast:
Nina starts a pumpkin pie,
Richard poses with Bruno,
Jenny fashions the delectable Faux Cheese cake
Baby Bert naps,
The moon becomes full,
We sleep...
...until the sun rises again

Nina takes me to a yoga class,
while a black walnut cake begins in Jenny's kitchen.

tangled branches hold a few leaves
the last of Fall
I throw my shadow on to the ground in gratitude.
 Day becomes night once more.
Come Sunday the table is ready to receive...
Melissa and Roger bring a Poinsettia
Norton, David, Richard and Dick pose
Then we feast:
Ten side dishes and a bird, wine and conviviality.

A walk before desert...
up the road...
and back down.
Dishes done, animals accounted for, every one's to bed.
I retire with the moon in my window,
rising before sun up the next day
to copious lleftovers
The scudding clouded day!
The hollow tree that gets me thinking of elfin tales,
Wizards and Witches, magic and mystery.
Last morning

In the houseI read from "Small Is Beautiful"
Still timely and true....
Time to pack
November becomes December
The train pulls out of the station headed for New york,
I read an interview with Patti Smith on board.
Now for digesting the moments, and perhaps, just perhaps, some words will fall onto the page...for now, silence........and so it goes.


Velma Bolyard said...

i loved looking at your holiday-sharing-thank you.

Mo Crow said...

good friends are the best gold for a lifetime

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

love the one of the house holding all as they go to it just
must feel so FULL of familiar love...
as always, thank you for taking me there