Sunday, January 31, 2016


"Myself Is the Name"
by M. Slater

I'm not an Aardvark, nor am I extinct,
despite what ignorant humans think.

The Afrikaners tagged me with the handle:
means earth-pig. Oh, damn what scandal!

I know myself to be animal, not vegetable,
an omnivorous being, and supremely able.

My family's been here since the Eocene,
that's fifty-million years on Earth's scene.

I flourished onward from the Pleistocene
as a primary nocturnal, I'm seldom seen.

But I don't see well, so navigate by smell.
Where food is concerned I'll give 'em hell.

I've had many homes, move when needed,
leaving burrows to other creatures deeded

My offspring are many, and widespread,
Though, some earlier relatives are dead.

I keep my babies close for mostly two years,
I love them, teach well till they have no fears.

Fearlessness and diligence are highly prized
by us, and also smart humans with wise eyes.

Remember my name and that I can't be tame
"Myself" is the name and survival's my game.

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